Modification to add clause 8 for the period July 1, 1997 through June 30, 1998 (or longer where specified herein or if subsequently modified).

8. Pursuant to the statutory waiver authority at Pub. L. 104-208 § 101(e) for JTPA funds available for expenditure during Program Year 1997, i.e., July 1, 1997 through June 30, 1998 (this includes available funds from Program Years 1995, 1996 and 1997), and pursuant to the administrative regulatory waiver authority provided for at 20 CFR 627.201:

A. The Secretary waives the prohibition on stand-alone work experience, job search assistance, job search skills training, and job club, for both youth and adults, in instances when an individual service strategy substantiates its use as appropriate, by waiving JTPA § 204(c)(2)(B)(ii) and 20 CFR 628.535(b)(2) and (c)(1)(ii) and applying JTPA § 264(d)(3)(A) and (B) as if they read ". . . shall be accompanied by . . . additional services . . . unless the individual service strategy demonstrates such additional services are not warranted."

B. The Secretary waives the youth OJT wage requirement at JTPA § 264(d)(3)(C)(i)(I) and the related regulations at 20 CFR 628.804(j)(1)(i) and the participation requirement at JTPA § 264(d)(3)(C)(iii) and the related regulation at 20 CFR 628.804(j)(2), when indicated as appropriate in the assessment and individual service strategy for youth on-the-job training. The State shall assure that the OJT positions for youth have substantial training content and that the training time is correctly determined.

C. The Secretary waives JTPA §§ 108(b)(4)(B) and 315(a) and (b); 20 CFR 627.445(a)(1)(i), and (a)(2)(i) and 631.14(a) and (b) eliminating the non-administration cost limitations for titles II and III [except for national reserve account (NRA) grants; the 20% administration limitation for titles II-A and II-C, at JTPA § 108(b)(4)(A), the 15% limitation for title III, at JTPA § 315(c), and the 15% limitation for title II-B, at JTPA § 253(a)(3), and 20 CFR 627.445(b)(3) of the JTPA regulations will remain in effect. The provisions at § 108(b)(1) and (c), and all references in the JTPA regulations that address the cost limitations under titles II-A, II-B, II-C, and III [except for national reserve account (NRA) grants] shall refer only to the administration cost limitations. The Secretary will apply JTPA § 108(b)(2) and (3) and 20 CFR 627.440(b), (c)(1) and (d); and 631.13(a)(1) to reduce the number of cost categories to two: Administration and Program Costs. The costs of Administration shall be those defined at 20 CFR 627.440(d)(5) for title II and 631.13(f) for title III. Program Costs will consist of all other costs including those defined at 20 CFR 627.440(d)(1), (2), (3), and (4) for title II and at 631.13(c), (d), and (e) for title III. The costs of Rapid

Response activities identified at JTPA § 314(b) and 20 CFR 631.13(b) shall continue to be separately reported. Reporting instructions for the two cost category reporting method have been developed and will be provided to the State.

D. The Secretary waives for a period of four years the administrative regulatory provision at 20 CFR 631.11(a)(1)(ii) which recaptures previous to the prior year funds even if 80 percent of the prior year funds (year of allotment) are expended. This means that title III funds in the State can be expended over a three-year period if the State expends at least 80 percent of the formula-allotted funds in each year of allotment.

E. In consideration of the waivers contained in this grant modification, the State agrees to a performance improvement of at least five percent at the State and local levels measured at the conclusion of Program Year 1997 using actual performance in PY 1996 as the baseline for improvement. Performance improvements will apply to all the Secretary's performance measures, or to their approved equivalents, for Titles II-A, II-C, and III. States will take into account the SDAs' performance improvement targets in determining the receipt of Title II incentive grant awards for PY 1997. In considering whether the State and the SDAs have attained the agreed upon performance improvement for PY 1997, the Department will apply the Secretary's Adjustment Models, exclusive of Governor's Adjustments, to the performance improvement goals. Program Year 1996 and Program Year 1997 performance will be calculated in the same way for both years.

The Standardized Participant Information Report (SPIR) instructions in Training and Employment Information Notice 5-93, Change 1 (dated June 23, 1994), as modified by Training and Employment Information Notice 5-93, Change 2 (dated January 24, 1997), remain in effect where not specifically waived or modified in this Agreement. Also in effect unless specifically waived are the Performance Standards Status Summary Report requirements put forth in Training and Employment Guidance Letter 2-95 (dated August 10, 1995). This requires Governors to report each SDA's final standard and actual performance for each of the Secretary's Title II core standards, with required technical assistance plans and reorganization plans attached.

Clause 8 shall be open to further modification as authorized under the waiver authority. The effective date of this modification shall be July 1, 1997.


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