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Implementation Plan Process WIRED Logo - Talent Driving Prosperity

To better prepare for economic growth and revitalization, each WIRED Region develops an implementation plan.

The plan addresses:

  • Key goals in the WIRED transformation process
  • How governance of the project will operate
  • How each of the component parts of the project will be integrated
  • Role of each partner in the delivery of specific activities under the grant
  • Time schedule on which each of these activities will take place
  • Performance metrics that will be used to measure results.
  • Nature and level of resources that will be allocated to the primary areas of investment of WIRED funds
  • How the region will ensure the integration of education, workforce development and economic development systems
  • Highest priority areas of technical assistance

Regional Implementation Plans are broken out into six sections.
  1. Executive Summary
  2. WIRED Goals
  3. Governance
  4. Operations
  5. Budget Allocations and Fiscal Management
  6. Anticipated Technical Assistance Requests

WIRED Regions were given a Facilitators Guide which assists with Implementation Plan development. ( PDF format, 84kb; PowerPoint, 90kb )

To view Implementation plans from the 1st Generation WIRED regions, go to the specific region here.