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WIRED Resource Team WIRED Logo - Talent Driving Prosperity

The WIRED Resource Team consists of a collaborative group of ETA managers, other Federal Agency Partners; economic development specialists; workforce development specialists and other technical assistance providers.

This team is actively involved in ensuring that the grantees meet or exceed their goals and have the necessary tools and subject matter expertise to transform their economies.

WIRED Grantees currently receive technical assistance from partners and subject matter experts in a broad array of topics including but not limited to strategic planning, asset mapping and entrepreneurship. Technical Assistance providers complement the existing WIRED regional teams by providing access to a knowledge base that may reside outside the region.

Technical Assistance providers may work with regional teams to problem solve and to support sound talent development strategies for regional growth through coaching and strategic direction.

Technical Assistance providers are often used to help plan, implement or benchmark the goals of a program or to provide expertise, best practices, and analysis relating to a program. Key elements of technical assistance may include process improvement, sharing models, performing gap analyses, facilitating key discussions among stakeholders, and other forms of support and assistance.