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West Michigan WIRED Logo - Talent Driving Prosperity

7 counties: Newaygo, Muskegon, Ottawa, Allegan, Kent, Barry, Ionia

Target Industries: Advanced Manufacturing, Health Care, Life Sciences, Entrepreneurship

Implementation Plan

Under the leadership of the West Michigan Strategic Alliance, West Michigan will develop and manage an innovations lab designed to advance a wide range of innovations in the regional workforce development system.

These include:

  1. Market Intelligence - Initiatives will be designed to better understand the detailed structure of regional employment clusters and the emerging requirements for the economy.
  2. The Innovation Institute -Bring together all of West Michigan's initiatives focused on building awareness and knowledge about innovation, implementing innovation systems in regional companies, and developing innovation skills in West Michigan's current and emerging workforce.
  3. Workforce System Transformation - Initiatives designed to restructure key elements of West Michigan's workforce investment and education system for emerging, existing and transitional workers. To include:
    1. Performance-based credentialing;
    2. Development of a model Global School;
    3. Accelerated engineering program;
    4. Implementation of a manufacturing skills standards system;
    5. Development of an employer-owned manufacturing skill development cooperative;
    6. Regional model for entry-level employment retention and advancement for disadvantaged populations; and
    7. Regional model for skill development in the health care sector.
  4. Enterprise Development - Initiatives will be designed to stimulate entrepreneurship and new business creation in key sectors of the economy.