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Central-Eastern Puerto Rico WIRED Logo - Talent Driving Prosperity

Eight counties: Caguas, Gurabo, Humacao, Juncos, Las Piedras, Naguabo, San Lorenzo, Cayey

Target Industry: Advanced Manufacturing

Region Information

Puerto Rico's central-eastern regional economy, which encompasses eight counties, has experienced only 2.2 percent of real job growth in the past 25 years. As a 2nd Generation WIRED region, the Puerto Rico Central-Eastern region plans to improve job growth and establish Puerto Rico as the premier site for high technology innovation and economic opportunity.

To achieve this goal, the Puerto Rico Central-Eastern region has established the following four key objectives to spur job growth, attract high-tech companies, and foster business expansion:

  1. Promote a technically fit workforce and foster the continuous improvement of existing industries by establishing a proactive Global Workforce & Competitiveness Center in coordination with the workforce system.
  2. Strengthen the educational pipeline in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) to develop a technologically literate workforce and a sufficient flow of qualified students into high-tech industries.
  3. Stimulate new venture creation by promoting research & development (R&D) partnerships among federal and local governments, laboratories, industry and academic institutions.
  4. Strengthen the innovation cycle by providing hard and soft infrastructure services that support high-tech companies in a global market.