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Southwestern Connecticut WIRED Logo - Talent Driving Prosperity

One County in Connecticut: Fairfield

Two Counties in New York: Westchester, Putnam

Target Industry: Financial services

Region Information


Southwestern Connecticut - the home to large corporations, manufacturing plants and rural farms - seeks to develop a pool of talented workers to fill jobs in emerging industries such as financial services. As a 2nd Generation WIRED region, Southwest Connecticut will focus on developing untapped talent to help high growth industry employers meet workforce demands and successfully compete in the global economy.

The region is looking to improve the workforce system by:

  • expanding pipelines of future workers for careers in various high growth sectors such as financial services;
  • designing strategies to keep mature workers in the workforce;
  • establishing more educational opportunities for limited-English speaking citizens; and
  • providing customized training for people from non-traditional labor sources.

Solutions implemented in Southwestern Connecticut would be shared statewide.

As a participant in the WIRED Initiative, the region is expanding its leadership group, exploring a broader definition of the region which crosses municipal and state boundaries, utilizing technical assistance to develop a roadmap to drive sustainable transformation by enhancing the region's strengths.