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Wasatch Range WIRED Logo - Talent Driving Prosperity

Eight counties: Cache, Morgan, Rich, Salt Lake, Summit, Utah, Wasatch, Weber

Target Industry: Life Sciences

Region Information

North Central Utah, an eight county region known as the Wasatch Range region, is faceing a severe workforce shortage. The region, which includes Salt Lake City and Provo, seeks to develop a well-educated and well-trained workforce and provide the opportunities necessary to prosper economically.

High technology jobs - such as those in the life sciences industry - pay higher than the average job in Utah. The region will utilize the resources provided as a 2nd Generation WIRED region to train and prepare Utahans for jobs in the life sciences sector as well as expanding opportunities for employment in all high-growth industries.

The regional partnership has developed four strategies to promote economic and workforce development within the region:

  1. Create outreach programs: Recruit and engage available workers and emphasize the region's potential employment strength.
  2. Expand successful training programs: Lab-based training for students and educators.
  3. Partner with research: Research universities, industry research and development laboratories to ensure the Utah biotechnology workforce meets the needs of Utah's most innovative companies.
  4. Create a "bioincubator": Local education centers to be utilized by students to carry out small, entrepreneurial life science-based projects.