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WIRED Resource Library WIRED Logo - Talent Driving Prosperity

The WIRED Library provides resources for communicating the concepts and ideas of economic transformation and the WIRED Initiative.

Below are ETA Materials and Suggested Reading related to economic development and WIRED. These materials provide information on the fundamental principles of WIRED; research that supports the WIRED Methodology; and information specific to the WIRED Initiative and the selected regions.


  1. WIRED Overview
  2. America Competitiveness Initiative Booklet
  3. Why America Needs an Educated Workforce
  4. WIRED Town Hall Speech
  5. In Demand Magazines
    1. Advanced Manufacturing
    2. STEM
    3. Health Care
    4. Energy
    5. Construction
  6. Meeting the Challenge of a Changing World: Strengthening Education for the 21st Century
  7. MEP Pilot
  8. WIRED Map
  9. NSF Pilot
  10. Federal Partners


  1. Road to WIRED ( PPT, PDF )
  2. WIRED to Innovation Economy ( PPT, PDF )


  1. The Effectiveness of University Technology Transfer: Lessons Learned from Quantitative and Qualitative
  2. National Defense and Innovation Initiative
  3. Council on Competitiveness: National Innovation Initiative Summit and Report
  4. The Value of Higher Education and Societal Benefits
  5. Partners on a Mission: Federal Laboratory Practices Contributing to Economic Development
  6. 2005 Skills Gap Report - A survey of the American Manufacturing Workforce
  7. Milken Institute

Get free Acrobat Reader Some of the reports listed below require a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is free software package that allows you to open and read PDF files. Additionally, you can get Adobe Access, a device to enable the visually impaired to read PDF files.