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A Guide to Employment and Career Development for Youth and Young Adults

It's My Life Employment: A Guide for Transition Services From Casey Family Programs
Career and employment success for young people from foster care is rooted in an ongoing journey connecting parents, caregivers, friends, mentors, advocates, communities, schools, and employers. Specific tools and strategies can help in this process. Expanding on the It’s My Life transition framework, this practical, concise handbook is intended for child welfare professionals and others responsible for helping young people prepare for transition to adulthood and the workplace.

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It's My Life: A Framework for Youth Transitioning from Foster Care to Successful Adulthood

It's My Life uses a holistic approach for those who play a role in how young adults envision and achieve success in adulthood. It’s My Life was created by, for, and with youth. It draws on the expertise and insights of youth in foster care, alumni of care, social workers, researchers, and education specialists. It’s My Life was published in 2001 by Casey Family Programs. It is available for download in two versions: a 99-page book and a 37-page summary of the book.


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Improving Family Foster Care: Findings from the Northwest Foster Care Alumni Study

Relatively few studies have examined how youth formerly in care (“alumni�) have fared as adults, and even fewer studies have examined what changes in foster care services could improve their lives. The Northwest Foster Care Alumni Study provides new information in both areas. Case record reviews were conducted for 659 alumni (479 of whom were interviewed) who had been in the care of Casey Family Programs or the Oregon or Washington state child welfare agencies between 1988 and 1998. Findings for three domains are presented: Mental Health, Education, and Employment and Finances. This summary also provides an overview of a predictive analysis showing which foster care services, when optimized, hold the greatest promise for improving the outcomes for foster youth.

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