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Toolkit for Frontline Services for Youth

Designed to enhance the quality of youth services, this Toolkit will be useful to all professionals assisting youth in developing the knowledge and skills to succeed in a demand-driven economy. This Toolkit was compiled by KRA Corporation, Silver Spring, MD and created under contracts with DOL/ETA. Unless otherwise noted, all material appearing in this Toolkit is in the public domain and may be reproduced or copied without permission. The content of this publication does not necessarily reflect the views or policies of KRA Corporation or the US Department of Labor/ETA.

The Toolkit consists of 1) a Manual, which provides information about preparing youth, particularly the neediest youth, to become increasingly more self-sufficient; and 2) the training tools, which deliver the content described in the Manual through the presentation of modules. Each module includes presentation slides, group exercises, and a training guide designed to guide trainers in the delivery of the content described in the Manual. Modules can be presented individually, depending on training time available. PowerPoint slides have been included which will enable trainers to personalize their presentation(s).

Entire Toolkit (11.6 MB)

Toolkit Manual - Acknowledgements, Introduction, Chapters One - Eight, Bibliography & Resource List, Appendices

Training Guide and Training Modules (PDF)

PowerPoint Slides