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Multiple Education Pathways

The Employment and Training Administration’s New Youth Vision stresses transforming some of the nation's neediest youth into candidates for new jobs in a demand-driven economy.

Education programs, particularly Multiple Education Pathways programs, have taken on new importance for workforce system efforts to create a skilled, well-trained and demand-driven workforce. Workforce Investment Act-funded youth programs serve as a catalyst to connect youth with quality secondary and post-secondary educational opportunities and high-growth and other employment opportunities.

For many of our nation’s youth, Multiple Education Pathways programs have become the connection through which they can become a valuable part of the workforce supply line in a demand-driven system.

In an effort to be more strategic and build our knowledge about Multiple Education Pathways, ETA has commissioned three papers that explore the following topics:

  1. An Overview of Alternative Education Pathways;
  2. The State of Academic Programs in Alternative Education; and; and
  3. The Current Policy and Funding Environment for Alternative Education at the Federal, State, and Local Level..

In an effort to learn more about alternative learning environments, The Employment and Training Administration (ETA) is providing $3,441,662 in funding to seven cities to ” blueprint” and implement a system that can reconnect youth that have dropped out of high school to a variety of  high quality, innovative multiple education pathways.  The cities include:

  • Brockton, MA (lead agency: Brockton School Department)
  • Des Moines, IA (lead agency:  Des Moines Community College)
  • Fall River, MA (lead agency: Bristol Workforce Development Board)
  • Gary, IN (lead agency: Center for Workforce Innovations)
  • Metairie, LA (lead agency: Jefferson Parish Chamber of Commerce)
  • Mobile, AL (lead agency: Mobile Area Education Foundation)
  • Pittsburgh, PA (Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board)

For more information about the grant click on each city's name.