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Youth Council Toolkit

The toolkit contains six modules along with an introduction pamphlet acknowledging the authors of the tool. These modules may be used separately or combined depending on the specific needs of the local youth council. A description of the modules is listed below:

Youth Council Toolkit Introduction - The Introduction pamphlet states the purpose of the Toolkit, acknowledges the authors of the Toolkit, and provides a brief description of the six modules.

Module 1-Key Principles for effective Youth Councils offers principles that youth councils should consider for effective operation.

Module 2-Work Plan Template provides a format for youth councils to record, organize and plan work activities to carryout the responsibilities delegated to youth councils by the local workforce boards.

Module 3-Membership Scorecard for Retaining and Sustaining Members is designed for youth council leads to evaluate and rate their progress for retaining and sustaining members.

Module 4-Training Quick Start Guide represents a quick reference tool to train youth council members and other interested parties about youth councils.

Module 5-Implementation: An Operational Resource offers quickly accessible information about the critical elements necessary for a youth council to operate successfully.

Module 6-- Public Relations: A Guide to Community Outreach offers tips for developing an outreach plan and sample correspondence to recruit community leaders and organizations to help in developing a local workforce development system.

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