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Workforce Investment News Archive

TEGL 15-01: Revised and Expanded "Questions and Answers" on Welfare-to-Work
Mar 29, 2002
Through Training and Employment Guidance Letter 15-01, ETA has transmitted a set of revised and expanded Welfare-to-Work (WtW) "Questions and Answers" to the field.

The TEGL and "Questions and Answers" are now available for access on the Welfare-to-Work webpage.

Appointments to President's Council on the 21st Century Workforce
Mar 29, 2002
U.S. Secretary of Labor Elaine L. Chao today announced that President George W. Bush has appointed ten of the thirteen members to the President's Council on the 21st Century Workforce.
Update on Executive Order 13217 -- Federal Agencies Report on Actions to Eliminate Barriers and Promote Community Integration
Mar 26, 2002
On March 25, HHS Secretary Tommy G. Thompson presented President Bush with reports from nine federal agencies outlining more than 400 specific solutions that the agencies can implement to support community living for the nearly 54 million Americans living with disabilities.

President Bush issued Executive Order 13217 in June 2001. The Order directed the federal agencies to assist states to help ensure that all Americans have the opportunity to live more independently and to participate in community life. Secretary Thompson coordinated the federal review through the creation of the Interagency Council on Community Living, which included members from the departments of Justice, Education, Labor, Housing and Urban Development and the Social Security Administration, in addition to HHS. Though not named in the Executive Order, the departments of Transportation and Veterans Affairs and the Office of Personnel Management also volunteered to participate in the federal review.

DOL/DOL's Office of Disability Employment Policy will be engaged in various activities under "Employment"; "Personal Assistance, Direct Care Services, and Community Workers"; "Access to Technology"; Public Awareness, Outreach, Partnerships"; and "Cross-Agency Collaboration and Coordination."

The press release:
"Administration Announces Steps to Promote Community Living for People with Disabilities"

The fact sheet on individual agency actions:
"Delivering on the Promise -- Report of Federal Agencies' Actions to Eliminate Barriers and Promote Community Integration"

New Guide Available: "How Youth Programs Manage Intake, Individual Services Strategies and Case Files"
Mar 23, 2002
Through Training and Employment Notice 4-01, ETA has announced the availability of a new technical assistance guide for youth service providers. Produced by Callahan Consultants, Inc. the guide addresses three areas of service delivery -- the intake process, the individual service strategy and case files. Featuring information from selected group of youth programs throughout the nation, the guide contains sample forms and procedures for evaluating case management systems as well as a providing a list and short-term summary of assessment tools.
March 22, 2002 Training and Employment Notice No. 4-01

Other recent publications of interest to the youth community mentioned in "What's New" include "Sources of Funding for Youth Services" prepared by the Leonard Resource Group, Inc. This document, transmitted by TEIN 2-01 should prove a valuable compendium for both newcomers and veterans in the field of federal grants, with its outline of grant opportunities, foundations, and websites for access to relevant programs and support.

President Bush's Supplemental Appropriations Proposal to Reverse Rescission in Dislocated Worker Funds; Provide Other NEG Resources
Mar 21, 2002
U.S. Secretary of Labor Elaine L. Chao announced today (March 20) that President George W. Bush's supplemental appropriations proposal will reverse a rescission of $110 million in dislocated worker program funds that are currently being held by the states as well as provide $640 million in new funds.